Our Testimonial

​Here are just some of the great things our previous customers have said about us!

“I was worried about my wedding event that I planned for the beach. But hiring the Kombi from Kombi hire Perth solved all my problems, all of us loved the Kombi with all the amenities inside. At a very reasonable price we enjoyed the wedding on the beach and the Kombi added much grace to the pictures.”

– Adam Parson

“I would like to thank Kombi hire Perth for understanding my needs and providing me with what I needed. Thank you for a beautiful day. Highly Recommended.”

– Lisa Hemms

“Running through the swan valley was one of the most gracious experience, the ride was smooth and hassle free and it was soothing. The driver gave us all the necessary information and facts we needed to know and his polite behaviour attracted us all.”

– Amy Waters

“It was my anniversary and I wanted to make a special night for my boyfriend. I called up Kombi Hire Perth and they were so sharp on time, the driver was well dressed and welcomed us with a smile. The Kombis looked lovely from the outside and was equally matched on the inside. One of our best anniversaries to date.”

– Jenny Jing

“We hired the Kombi for the night out and we were not expecting so much of the party environment inside, but as soon as we entered the vehicle we started grooving. There was so much of a positive vibe because of the interior and the awesome sound system. My friends and I didn’t want to step out of it, such a blasting experience.”

– Dave Winthrow

“We had an unreal time cruising around Perth in the back of the kombi. With such great value for money (much better than the limo companies) we look forward to more awesome transport service.”

– Vishal Paloo


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